What's To Come

by Katie Henry

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We love to love, we love strong leaders, we love to be changed and make change. There's only one way to see that happen, generation after generation, and that's what this album is all about.


released January 31, 2014



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spoken Dresden, Germany

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Track Name: Generation Me
I wanna be what everybody looks like just like me //as long as i look right we just wanna be//We wanna be the mode and the motto//We don't wanna be the cold or the thawed out we just wanna be//We gonna drive till it drives us insane //We never heard of an end to this game //So, we just gonna run//Let the wind blow, let's float like it told us//We gonna bend and bow let it fold us//We are just gonna be//

We're the kids with no reason//We're the adults out of season crying out//There must be something crying for me//

We were the ones that were titled purpose//We were the ones that never heard this//wouldn't we shouldn't we be the model for the years to follow//One heart, one love, one mind//That's our motto, as we leave this world behind//Cause our hands can't give what they don't hold//They wanna see change but they fall to folding//We just wanna be//Receive your sight//Look beyond the stars//See the hands behind//That move for you and I....

All ya'll kids got a purpose//All you adults, it is worth it//I hear something crying back for you...

The moment we pass they'll know we're there//Because even our shadow will change the air//We just gotta be//Do you believe, do you believe //That all you ever wanted is to be set free?//You're not your failure, or your shame//You're not a sick kid left in the rain, I want you to know//Don't let the name game let the name reign//I declare and I proclaim that we
are more than//Me
Track Name: Frozen October
Don't let me become another victim of some perfect world
Though the truth may be causing us to spin
Let us not be silent
Track Name: Still
To wait, to wait, say it's never too late//To sit all night and speak with our sighs//The groans of lovers, miles apart//Speaking silent solaces into their hearts//Oh, oh, 'cause this love is true//You know that I'll still love you//Oh, anything you do//You know that I'll still love you//The cross, our cross, it was never a loss//I'll do what I do, because it's never too much for you//Leave with my robe//Leave with my gold//Leave with my armor and all that I know//In response to all of your words//I'll sing you the truest love song you've ever heard//Oh, oh, 'cause this love is true//You know that I'll still love you//Oh, anything you do//You know that I'll still love you